Motion Pantry’s Favourite Videos of 2012!

It’s that time of year again, folks!  Where we look back on the videos that have entered our minds and our hearts in the last year. So without further ado…

Favourite Animation:


"DARK VESSEL" from Rocky Curby 

A dynamic and westernized short that’s full of kickass robots and intense lighting and camera work. Vividly sharp, and dark. 

Favourite Full Secs: 
"Bubblegum" from Jonathan Mckee
If you’re into motion graphics, you probably came across Animade’s inspired concept of “Full Secs,” a series of one second animations. Anyone can participate. It just better be damn good.
Favourite Video Advertisement:


"Crimestoppers - Anonymous" from Untitled Films
Though this section is really impossible for us to say, as it was a banner year for advertising all around, Untitled’s Crimestoppers ad is just too powerful to leave off the list.

Favourite Interactive Advertisment:


"Endless Celebration" for OB Tampons from Lowe Roche 

That’s two for two, OB! Last year we shone the spotlight on their Apology video, but now they are back with the Endless Celebration series! Type your name in and get crackin’ on some endless awkward laughter. 

Favourite Animated Campaign: 


"4Seven Indents" from FRIENDS

These world-tilting animations are short and beautiful, a lovely series that just makes you wanna put together a surrealist train set or something. 

Favourite Funny Video:


"Cosmic Jungle" from Fabrice Fiteni 

This video just kicks you in the WTF’s and it hurts.. in the best way. 

Favourite Music Video:


“‘Pelican’ - The Maccabees” from David Wilson 

Everything is constantly splitting, and after watching the making of for this video, we can’t help but appreciate the amount of ingenuity required to make this video work as seamlessly as it turned out. 

Favourite Animated Music Video:


"Dream Music Pt II" from Marc Donahue 

This video starts off slow, but gets to be really impressive. These guys used what they call “lyric-lapsing” to create an other-worldly experience through song and visuals. To better understand the hardships of this video, it’s good to note it took 6 months to film and took 6-8 hours to generate about 3-4 seconds of the video. Wow. 

Favourite Interactive Series:


Prison Dancer: The Interactive WebMusical” from Romeo Candido 

After making it’s web debute, this series landed itself a screening at Toronto’s Reel Asian Film Festival earlier this year. A real stand-out work in originality and creativity, this series enables the audience to take part and choose their own adventures with each character.

Favourite Fan Video:


"The Man With Beautiful Eyes" from Jonathan Hodgson 

This is more of an homage than a fan video, but a wonderfully animated work that brings a poem by Charles Bukowski to life through a series of watercolours. 

Favourite Timelapse:


"New York: Night And Day" from  Philip Stockton 

An unconventional time-lapse that fuses day and night in one of the best cities in the world. A real work of innovation and something we hope more people will attempt to utilize now that the idea is out there as it leads to really beautiful landscapes. A real creative achievement. 

Favourite Video Overall:


"Ball" from Everynone

One cannot have a year summation list and not include Everynone. Their videos are based in simple ideas and lead to bigger concepts. Awesome.

Thanks for checking out our list! What videos do you think killed it dead this year?

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